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How Could Neglecting Your Roof Impact You At A Later Date

For lots of reasons, many home and business owners do not regularly check their roofs for damages and other issues.

Neglect in keeping your roofing system in a good state of repair or taking the decision to delay repairing damages can cause bigger issues, not to mention higher costs.

So how could neglecting your roof impact you at a later date?

Roof Repair Clitheroe

Short-Term Effects

Neglecting your roof can have a number of adverse effects. Many of the problems that affect roofs can intensify over time, lets take a look at the main issues that can affect your roof.


Neglecting a leaky roof will get worse over time, even a small leak that you think doesn’t require urgent attention can create massive problems in the future.

A leaking roof will not fix itself and will expand over time, letting in more and more water into your property.

Regular inspection of your roof will detect small leaks which can then be fixed quickly with little cost.

If you have a multilayers coating on your roof, a leak may not be visible at first in the property below, that is why it is important to visually inspect your roof to check the whole surface.

Neglecting to repair a leaky roof will most certainly create more unwanted and costly problems in the future.

Higher Energy Bills

Another short-term effect of neglecting to maintain a healthy roof is higher energy bills.

By not repairing small or larger holes in your roof you will be letting hot air out in the winter and cooler air in the summer.

Homeowners with badly insulated roofs often pay more for their energy than owners who keep their roofs correctly maintained.

By not fixing holes in your roof you could be paying significantly more on your gas and electricity bills which is another very good reason not to neglect your roof.

Repair any holes quickly, stop the leaks and you will not have to waste your hard-earned cash.


Roofs should be regularly checked to see if there are any clogged gutters, wet roof layers, areas of mould or wet or damp roof insulation.

Mould is an issue which can be expensive to repair if left unchecked and allowed to grow.

Regularly check your roof for damages, leaks and insulation that may be exposed to the elements. Early intervention will place you in a very good position to ensure mould is quickly cleaned away.

Unchecked mould can also be serious health issues for the occupants. Don’t put you and your families health at risk for the sake of saving a few pounds on repairing a leaky roof.

Animals and Pests

Neglecting your roof and failure to carry out even the most basic repairs put your roof at risk of becoming infested with unwanted animals, birds and pests.

Even small holes in your roof will allow pests and large insects to enter and make themselves at home in your property. Larger holes will allow all kinds of animals to enter from rats to bats.

Over time leaving unwanted pests to live and bread in your loft can be a health hazard as well as being costly to remove.

So these are the short-term effects of neglecting to repair your roof, what about the long-term effects of not carrying our urgent roof repairs and maintenance.


Roof Repair Clitheroe

Severe Water Damage

This is one of the biggest and most issues that affect roofs and why you should ensure this does not happen.

Sever water damage will cause extensive damage to your home or business including heavy mould, sagging ceilings, damage furniture, fixtures and fitting, can weaken wood and brickwork as well as possibly affecting the overall structure and be a major health hazard to the occupants.

What could have been a case of inspecting the roof, finding a small hole in the roof at its early stages and quickly carry out a small fix to being a large scale and a very costly repair?

We carry out a regular health check of many roofs in Clitheroe and the area which has saved homeowners many thousands of pounds in costly repair bills.

Effect Your Properties Value

Failing to ensure your roof is repaired and maintained correctly will ultimately affect the value of your property.

It goes without saying that when it comes to selling your property a poorly maintained roof and visible water damages and mould will affect the valuation

You run the risk of putting off prospective buyers if you have a leaky roof causing water damages, mould and damp in the property.

We would be happy to quickly inspect your roof and let you know of any issues before your place your home on the market to sell. Providing a certificate from us giving your roof a clean bill of health can instil confidence between you and any prospective buyer.

Higher Repair Bills

One of the most significant effects of neglecting your roof is the inevitable higher repair costs at a later date.

If you have identified problems such as damp, mould or mild roof leakage when it rains and then choose to leave it for another day, you could be leaving yourself open to huge costs.

To ensure your roof repair bills are kept to a minimum you have two options. The first is make sure you regularly inspect your roofing installations and affect any repairs as soon as they arrive. The second is to use the services of a reputable roof repair company in Clitheroe, that’s where we come in.

We offer a highly professional, fast and efficient roof repair service all at a very reasonable price.

Simply contact us or call us on 07933 587739 and we will be happy to arrange an appointment which suits you to call to your home and carry out an extensive inspection of your roof and provide you with a full no obligation quotation to repair any issues your roof may have.

Roof Repair Clitheroe

Our 5 step Roof Repair Process

Step 1

Contact us and let us know of your requirements, whether you may need a simple roof inspection or to report a problem.

Step 2

From the information we gather from you we will analyse the problem and work closely you to identify the cause.

Step 3

Once the problem has been identified we will prepare a plan of action and let you know of the possible solutions.

Step 4

Once you are happy after our initial chat we can then arrange an appointment at a day and time which suits you visit your property and carry out a roof inspection.

Step 5

Following our visit, we can then provide a full written quotation and plan of action to carry out any repairs that may be necessary.

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