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Chimneys And What You Need To Know

With many years of experience repairing and installing chimneys in Lancashire, we have the knowledge and skills to effect corrective action which can save you thousands of pounds.

Chimney Repair Specialist

Our expertise extends to:

  • Chimney Repairs (Pointing, Brick Replacement)
  • New Chimney Installations
  • Lead Work

About Chimneys

They may look like simple structures but behind the design, chimneys are actually carefully engineered for the job.

This also means that repair work to them should be carried out by qualified professionals who are experts at identifying any problems which need attention.

Chimney experts can repair elements such as flues and lead flashings, although a good general builder could be useful when it comes to repairing structural problems.

Chimney Repairs Clitheroe

Chimney Repairs

What problems could I have with my Chimney?

There are a number of problems which can affect chimneys, they are:

Loose render, eroded masonry and cracks are all visible signs of damage. This can happen naturally with age and if left unattended it can eventually result in further more serious damage.

Defective or cracked masonry should be cut out and replaced and if the brickwork is lost, it may require partial rebuilding. Damages or eroded mortar joints can be repointed and any cracked areas of render can also be removed and repaired at the same time.

Once any works have been finalised a flue test maybe required to ensure gas or smoke isn’t leaking back into your home.

Damaged chimneys can leak toxic gases such as carbon monoxide as well as causing extreme heat to the property which can be a huge fire risk.

The tell-tale signs that your chimney is leaking include damp patches on walls and ceilings. Left unattended this may cause serious fungal decay to your roof timber and joists which will eventually cause serious structural problems to the property.

Morter flaunching located at the base of the chimney can also begin to crack and disintegrate over time.

Although chimney stacks can be heavy, they can be blown over by heavy storms and strong winds or can simply become damaged over time. The usual signs of this can be seen by cracking or flaking of the ceramic pot’s surface.

Replacing a chimney pot is quite an easy process and involves removing the damaged pot to either repair or replace and if flaunching has fallen away then any loose elements can be cut out and replaced whilst securing any damaged brickwork.

If the chimney flue needs replacing or installed then clay lining is the most popular and economical choice although stainless steel flues are more hardwearing and will last longer. Chimney linings are subjected to gas and high heat which makes stainless steel a wise choice.

If your roof tiles are all in good order and intact and you are still suffering from water ingress then defective flashings at the junction between the chimney and the roof are the probable cause.

Some roof contractors use mortar, which is the cheaper option instead of using lead, however, mortar is prone to cracking, hence we would always choose new flashings with new leadwork.

Regular inspections of your chimney is extremely important to ensure it is fully intact and functioning correctly.

Chimney Repairs Clitheroe

Chimney Repairs Clitheroe

Chimney repair costs

It goes without saying that depending on the type of chimney and the specific problem, the cost of any repairs and repointing can vary greatly.

We typically arrange a first visit to inspect the chimney then provide a full quotation to fix the issues.

The main elements of chimney repairs which affect the overall costings will be items such the actual chimney repair depending on the size, the larger your chimney the higher the cost, plus items such as lead work, installing a flu, scaffolding, supporting the chimney stack whilst work is being carried and materials.

Please contact us for a free itemised quotation.

Hiring scaffolding?

The cost of hiring and installing scaffolding depends on the length of time it is required and the size of the roof and chimney. Typically most chimney repairs do require scaffolding.

A mobile tower stretching up to 6 metres may be sufficient for smaller repairs but not larger works.

Please contact us if you would like more information on our first-class chimney repair and installation service.

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