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Roofing Company Longridge

Roofing Company Longridge

Ever wondered how a roofing company in Longridge handles construction projects?

It all starts with selecting a roof, and in most cases, this is done by the engineer who designed and built your home. Usually, this design is final, although there can be certain changes of material.

A roof is comprised of multiple components, with the tiles being the most visible part.  It’s important to keep in mind that some roofers may cut corners and not install a full roofing system in order to save costs, which is why you must ensure that you hire a  quality roofing company.

When installing a new roof,  a roofing company should use premium materials in order to ensure a high standard of quality.  If you already have a roof installed, and it needs repairing or replacing,  your roofer will install a new underlayment over the sheathing, after the old roof has been removed.

There are several materials to choose from when it comes to the underlayment, we use breathable membrane which complies with National Building Regulations.

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Roofing Company Longbridge

With the underlayment installed, the next step is to install the completed roof.  This marks the end of the “preparatory” steps, and is followed by the tile installation.

Tiles are installed from the bottom up in a repeating diagonal pattern. Tiles are nailed to the supporting infrastructure at a depth of a minimum of half a centimeter.  After the tiles are installed, the roofer will move on to the ridge caps and, if needed, the ridge vent.

Some roofing companies in Longbridge may also offer cleanup services of the surrounding areas, making sure that your lawn does not have any debris or leftovers after the job is done. If you’d like to find out more about the costs and process of working with a roofing company, contact us today. We offer a free no-obligation quotation service.

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