In Need Of A Roofing Company Garstang?

We are a highly motivated and professional local roof company operating in Garstang and around Lancashire.

We carry out all kinds of roofing projects from flat roofs to steeply pitched roofs, slate roofs, EPDM rubber roofs and lead roofing.

Our customers have ranked us very highly in expertise, trustworthiness and attention to detail, boasting many 5 star reviews on Google.

Our prices are very reasonable and our work is carried out with health and safety in mind. Our flat roof repairs are exceptionally successful especially considering the expertise it takes to correctly locate and repair a leak on a flat roof. We can match as closely as possible the tile on a roof so that the repair does not effect look of the roof.   

There is nothing more nerve wracking than finding a leak in your roof.  Never ignore it as the water will damage the roof structure as well as encouraging mould and mildew to form inside the roof space.

If your gutters are not in good working order the water can spill into the roof space instead of being led off the roof.  This also creates damp patches which will become a health hazard if left.

Your roof is the most important part of your building as it keeps the weather out and if it is damaged then the building is essentially open to the elements. This can create many problems which can be rectified if caught at an early stage.

We carry out all the aspects of building and construction work with our own employees and do not subcontract. This means we control the entire project and can guarantee a perfect job every time. We have a wide range of experienced and time served tradesmen who are dedicated to providing the best that their craft can offer.

We boast a large proportion of our custom from repeat business and recommendations by word of mouth.

 Contact us  today for a free no obligation quotation for roofing repairs, new roofs, conservatories, loft conversions and general building.