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We find that to provide a professional service in roofing we need to excel at all these crafts. The joining is necessary to build and fit the timber that holds the roof on securely ensuring that it is made specifically for your roof.

A successful roof is one that is built to withstand severe weather and will remain waterproof for many years. We are equally efficient at small roof repairs as well as fitting a complete new roof. We take care of the entire project from start to finish and supply top quality materials, arrange the scaffolding and remove all the rubbish.

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If you have an emergency you want to know that we take your problem as seriously as you do. A leak in your roof can cause major damage to your furniture as most items of furnishing today are made from a core of plywood.

This swells when wet and cannot be repaired to its former condition. It may also cause the roofing timbers to rot or develop mould so it needs attention quickly. If left it can be a very expensive repair job or even entail replacing the roof.

We are a leading roofing company in Clitheroe with customer service and satisfaction at our heart. Carrying out all the aspects of building and construction work with our own employees and do not subcontract. This means we control the entire project and can guarantee a perfect job every time.

We have a wide range of experienced and time served tradesmen who are dedicated to providing the best that their craft can offer.

A large proportion of our custom from repeat business and recommendations by word of mouth.

The older your roof gets, the more likely it is to develop issues such as leakages, slipped tiles, damaged lead, moss, loose guttering, condensation, rotting roof timers, sagging roof and others.

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Whether you need temporary or permanent solutions, get in touch with us and we will provide you with the best possible course of action. The right solution will depend on a number of factors such as budget, style, as well as your current needs.  Thus, whether you are thinking about fixing the roof or transforming it into a small green spot, we are the right contractors. However, while we can assist in repairing your roof so that it is as good as new, it is prudent to maintain your roof in order to avoid potential problems.

Home owners have to be aware that they should clean their roofs, clear the gutters of any debris that has accumulated, replace missing shingles, and importantly, check up on the roof regularly.

When you need a professional roofing company in Clitheroe, remember JW Construction. We have a reputation for not only delivering exactly what you need, but we are also known to provide an unrivaled level of professionalism and workmanship.

You can always count on us to deliver – especially when it is a roofing emergency. . Other than roofing work, we provide property repairs, installation of UPVC windows, chimney repairs, as well as construction and extensions.

Contact us today and receive a free, no obligation quotation for roofing repairs, new roofs, conservatories, loft conversions and general building.

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