Roofing Company in ClitheroeJW Construction is imminently qualified to be your roofing company in Clitheroe. The reason is we are not single skilled craftsmen. We are a full service construction company and that is important when choosing a roofer. A roof is a part of a whole. Knowledge and understanding of how the whole building fits together and how each part supports the other is essential. When we prepare an estimate for a new roof, we will check what’s under the roof, how sound the supports are. A roof needs gutters, fascia and soffits to protect the wood supports from water damage and properly placed guttering to carry water away from the roof and your foundation. Flashings along roof seams and chimneys are finish work further protecting your roof structure from rot and decay caused by water.

Skip a step and eventually you’ll be found out but not before damage gets a foothold. In Clitheroe, roofing company with full construction skills like JW Construction will prevent your new roof being compromised through a full knowledge of building construction. We operate our company according to high professional standards with experienced tradesmen when we install your new roof or just repair it. If you hire us to convert the loft area into living space, be confident that the integrity of your roof underlayment and supports is protected and secure. We won’t install a sky window without checking the whole section of roofing.

As your roofing company in Clitheroe, we will re-tile or replace your roof. We will remove and handle the disposal of all rubbish. We hold a waste carrier licence and dispose of the rubbish in an environmentally safe manner. When we prepare your bid, we can help you choose the roofing materials you want that will compliment your home and fit your budget. We want to answer questions you have about the pros, cons and warranties of the selections available. Contact JW Construction, a full service contractor, when you need a roofer. Roofing is one of our specialities, regardless of whether it is for a flat or pitched roof.