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Property Repairs Clitheroe

Property Repairs Clitheroe

Ceiling Repairs Lancashire


Property Repairs Clitheroe

We are able to carry out all kinds of property repairs, maintenance and refurbishment solutions big or small for your home or business in the Clitheroe area.

We cover all major trades from plumbing, plastering, carpentry, kitchen fitting, bathroom fitting, decorating, roofing repairs, plaster boarding, handyman services, pointing and re-pointing, house and garden clearance, plus much more….. if it is not listed we still may be able to help either through our company or partner companies we work with. From gas engineers and electricians to landscaping.

Property Maintenance

We are available to look after all your property maintenance needs from basic gardening and rubbish removal to general repairs, plumbing and electrical work. Perhaps you need us to take care of your central heating maintenance or paint your property, what ever your requirements we are here to ensure your property is kept clean and tidy and in perfect working order throughout the year.

Plumbing & Repairs

We are the perfect choice when it comes to all kinds of domestic and commercial plumbing from changing a tap to fitting out a complete bathroom. We have many years experience and are happy to provide a 24/7 emergency call-out plumbing service in Clitheroe, the Ribble Valley and throughout Lancashire.

Roof Repair Experts

Chimney Roof Repairs

While not everyone needs to be a roofing expert, you should know a thing or two about emergency roof leak repair, especially if you live in an area where storms are a regular threat.

The good news is that most insurance companies will cover the cost of roof leak repairs and storm damage. However, it’s still important to perform emergency roofing repair to prevent further damage. If you don’t, your claim may be rejected.

Tarping Your Roof

The best option for emergency roofing repair is to tarp your roof in order to prevent further water damage to your home. Usually, this process involves securing a tarp over the damaged section of your roof with the help of a utility knife, measuring tape, a few 2×4’s, a hand saw, a staple gun, and 3 ¼” nails. However, while it might sound easy to carry out this kind of roof leak repair yourself, remember that working on your roof is dangerous, and you should never attempt to finish an emergency roof leak repair on your own.

Though every emergency roofing situation is unique, most tarp coverings will last about 90 days. That said, you should aim to finish your roof leak repair as quickly as possible, since not even the best tarp will protect your home as efficiently.

When completing an emergency roof repair, be on the lookout for scams. Roofing frauds known as “storm chasers” notoriously show up unannounced, promise to fix your roof for a low cost, and then disappear without lifting a finger once you’ve paid them. To avoid this pitfall, always ask roofing contractors for proof of a valid license, insurance, and references.

In the interest of safety, roofing contractors generally wait until the bad weather passes to complete an emergency roof repair.

Emergency Flat Roof Repair

Emergency flat roof repair is very different from a pitched roof leak repair, and can be executed during a storm. It involves applying a specifically designed sealing compound as a patch over the roofing. The sealing compound should work when wet, and should not interfere with a proper flat roof repair after the storm is over. If you have a flat roof, it’s best to purchase sealing compounds and other necessary products beforehand as a precaution.

Although flat roof repair is safer than working on a pitched roof during nasty weather, remain cautious. Never attempt to patch your roof during a thunder or lightning storm.

Roof Repair After the Storm

Once you’ve finished an emergency roof repair, the next step is to contact a qualified roofer Do not attempt a roof leak repair yourself, as the consequences of doing it improperly.

Check out Trustatrader.com to find qualified roofing experts, free of cost.

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