You may want to consider a loft conversion in Pleasington if your teenager has been moving into the attic one item at a time.

First it was a comfy chair, then a TV and game console, then a lamp and now he or she is asking to have their bed moved up there. Obviously it’s a cry for space and privacy.

They have this near paranoia about parents and siblings looking at them. Why not do the job right and call JW Construction to do your loft conversion? You teenager will be happier, you will be happier and the added above ground square footage of living space adds to the value of your home. While your teenager is blossoming under black light in their loft conversion, you can be dreaming of all sorts of things you’ll do with that extra space when the kid is grown and gone. Art studio or model train building are two options.

There is no building or refurbishment project we can’t undertake and professionally complete at JW Construction. We do it all in Pleasington; loft conversions, new builds, remodelling, restoration, roofing and windows. We have an excellent reputation and can offer references for you to contact if you wish. Estimates are free so call us to have a look at your loft space so we know what how much room we’re working with. We’ll offer options for you to consider like dormers, sky windows, bathroom or not, heating and cooling options and more. We’ll stay within your budget and give you the most for your money. We usually have few options for stair placement so we’ll want to explore those possibilities with you.

When you need to expand your living space and an addition is not an option, loft conversion in Pleasington is a good choice. Some prefer to finish their basement because it may yield more square footage. The drawback is finished square footage below grade is not always counted in your homes total square footage of living space. Lofts can be constructed as a natural extension of living space with fresh air and natural light. Contact JW Construction and let’s talk about possibilities, options and prices. We’ll come up with a workable solution for living space expansion. It’s an investment on which you can expect a return when you sell the house. In the meantime, everybody is happier.