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Loft Conversion in Clitheroe

Loft Conversion in Clitheroe

Loft Conversion in ClitheroeCreate a self-contained, cosy living space with expert loft conversion in Clitheroe. At JW Construction we understand the growing need for space especially when the children get older and would prefer their own independent living arrangements. Another reason to undertake this project is that even after the kids fly the nest, you have a space that can be rented or leased out to a suitable tenant. You can also use it as a bed and breakfast place to earn a little extra income. Such projects are a great way to make use of wasted space that is used only to store old junk. That bit of extra space you get can be converted into a practical solution like a home office, spare room, guest-room, hobby centre, yoga or exercise room or just a place to come up and sit in by yourself. Some home-owners want a children’s playroom or TV room, or even an extra bathroom. This is a much more affordable solution than building an extension or renovating your building.

If you are a property owner in Clitheroe, a loft conversion can be a fun project to undertake, with the right advice and assistance. We provide a complete, end to end solution, right from design and planning, to supplying the materials, completing the work on time and final handover of the finished product. Another plus point is that loft conversions don’t generally need planning permission. Full planning permission is not needed in most parts of the country. If you live in a listed property or heritage zone, you will need permission. Another situation where you will need permission is if you live in a flat or maisonette. These are quite hard to get for technical reasons.

Among the advantages of loft conversion in Clitheroe is the fact that you get extra space without losing outside space. If you have a large enough loft, you can even get two bedrooms or one with an en-suite. When you are considering a loft conversion, contact JW Construction. We will need to assess your property to evaluate whether it’s suitable before we begin the project. Once we have assessed your property, we can provide an affordable quote.

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