To maintain dry and healthy interiors to property and buildings it is important to allow walls to breath and allow water and moisture to escape easily.

If you have had previous repointing work carried out using cement mortar which has resulted in the deterioration of the wall then we are able to repoint the damaged area with lime mortar which will once again return the brickwork to it’s former healthy state.

For all your lime pointing Clitheroe and the Ribble Valley do not hesitate to contact us for a free no obligation brick wall restoration quotation.


lime pointing gable burnley clitheroe

Lime pointing is very important as it will stop water entering weathered brickwork and masonry units which prolongs the life of the brickwork.

Over time, weathering caused by frost and salt dissolution decays the brickwork joints allowing water ingress which will damage and weaken the structure.

This weathering can also cause damp inside the property which will cause flaking paint and wall paper peeling off walls. Dampness within property can also be a health hazard over time.

Repointing is the process of renewing the pointing or mortar joints between bricks which are the external mortar joints in masonry and brickwork construction.

Repointing is also called pointing or pointing-up, these terms really refer to the final steps in new construction.

We do offer a quick fix patch up service which fills in any missing pointing in small damages areas rather than have to repointing the complete walls of properties and buildings.

About Lime Mortar

Coloured or dyes mortar offers a choice of colours to match existing brickwork which will avoid unsightly different coloured patches.

We are experienced stone masons and are able to repoint and restores all types of stonework on old buildings.

Lime based mortar is often found in older buildings and over the years we have carried out important restoration projects on many Gare I and Grade II buildings.

Garden Flags Paths & Driveways

We are able to repoint and restore your garden flags, stonework. Using specialized cleaning technology we can clean garden flags, stonework, paths and driveways to enhance the appearance of your property.

Fireplace Chimney Breast

Repointed Fireplace

An exposed brick fireplace chimney breast is a beautiful focal point in any property. We specialise in restoring chimney or which may have been previously hidden, plastered over or painted. Repointing and restoring will return it to it’s original look and character increasing the aesthetic beauty and value to your property.

Brick Replacement & Ventilation

We boast offering a complete brick repair service which can be a perfect solution to many brickwork problems, large or small.

We are able to repair or replace any brick or stone back to its original state as well as replacing tiles if needed.

Chimney Repointing & Restoration

chimney lime pointing burnley clitheroe

A chimney is exposed to the elements and are particularly vulnerable to rain and high winds. If gaps in the mortar start appearing then it’s time to get it checked out and repointed, delays in carrying this out can lead to further issues inside the property such as leaking and dampness.

We are specialists in rebuilding and restoring chimney stacks which not only will make it water proof but will resort it to it’s former glory making it look much more attractive on your property.

We are experienced lime pointing specialists

With over 25 years of experience we have worked on numerous residential and commercial projects through the years.

Importantly all our work come with a 10 Years Guarantee so you can rest assured our lime pointing Clitheroe and pointing Burnley works are carried out to the highest standards.

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