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Lead Gutter Repair Ribble Valley

Lead Gutter Repair Ribble Valley

Church Roof Lead Work


If you need a lead gutter repair in Ribble Valley, choose an experienced lead worker.

Lead is very malleable and can easily be incorrectly installed or repaired. It expands in the warm sun and shrinks when the weather gets cold.

Inexperienced workers will not leave the right amount of space for contraction and expansion and may so cause leaks. If the lead guttering is properly installed it can last for over 100 years. This applies to lead flashing and lining which is also found on roofs and ensures they are water proof.

Lead is one of the oldest materials in the roofing industry. In Ribble Valley, lead gutter repair is far easier and more reasonable than you may imagine. This flexible material can be pulled taut and stretched around difficult shapes to provide exceptional waterproof abilities. It is also known to provide high quality sealing abilities.

Wherever there is a join between two surfaces lead will provide a great watertight seal. It is used in guttering to provide a 100% water tight roof. It will develop a patina when exposed to sun and air but it remains as effective as new for more than three times longer as any modern material.

It can be recycled and reused and is definitely one of the most cost effective materials in the long run. As am extremely strong and resilient metal, lead is resistant to any type of corrosion, including pollutants and damaging UV rays.

Contact us today for a free no obligation quotation for repairs and maintenance to your guttering.

We are particularly skilled at refurbishing and repointing old buildings. Many of these have lead lining or guttering and we have over 25 years of experience in working with many different materials.

We are proud to be teaching students and apprentices as lecturers in local colleges in all aspects of the building trade.

Landlords and letting agents trust us for our high quality of work on their properties. Our reputation for general maintenance as well as loft conversions, roofing and building is well deserved.

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