Flat Roofer in MellorYou need a top-quality flat roofer in Mellor when you want to repair, extend, renovate or build a roof. JW Construction has earned a well-deserved reputation in the Lancashire area and beyond, for reliability, excellence of service and a customer centric approach. No matter how big or small your project, we extend the same degree of dedication, quality of workmanship and cost-effectiveness. We specialise in roofing works but can also undertake a variety of construction projects like loft conversion, joinery, conservatories, UPVC windows, building works, property and maintenance repairs.  Our team of skilled technicians have the experience, licenses and expertise to tackle any kind of construction work, right from the design and planning stage to final handover of the completed project.

Flat roofs aren’t completely flat, and they have to be slightly pitched to prevent water from pooling on them. In Mellor, flat roofer specialists on our team are fully competent to install the complete range of flat roofing systems, including waterproofing, premium green roofing, bio-diverse roofing systems etc. These roofs are ideal for modern commercial and residential buildings. In earlier times, roofs were constructed according to the prevailing climate and weather conditions. Sloping roofs were more suitable for areas with high rainfall and snow. However, with modern technology and materials, flat roofs can be designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. We ensure that the latest products and building technologies are used to construct premium quality flat roofs for commercial and residential clients. It’s important to install proper waterproofing for flat roofs. This is usually in the form of PVC, polymer, neoprene membranes. We ensure that they are properly installed so that they provide good and durable service.

Flat roofers in Mellor employed by us are trained to tidy up at the end of the day’s work, put down plastic sheets on furniture and carpets, and keep clients regularly updated about the status. An important aspect of construction work is ensuring that we leave the client’s site tidy, clean and safe after we finish. When you need a flat roofer, contact JW Construction.  Our staff are trustworthy, friendly and efficient and that is one of our biggest strengths.