Flat Roofer in PleasingtonIf you need the services of a flat roofer in Pleasington, JW Construction is the company to call. Our company is reliable and provides service that is worry-free and professional. We have a variety of experienced tradesmen on our team who are able to carry out various aspects of building and construction work, including roofs. This is not limited to new construction projects, as we are able to carry out maintenance and repair as well. From domestic to construction sites, our professionals provide nothing but quality service, and are able to do so under the wonderful management of our owner, Justin Waterhouse, an experienced builder himself.

Although they have the same general function, flat roofs and sloped roofs require different handling. In Pleasington, flat roofer will handle any maintenance or repair requirement on your flat roof. We will not only supply our own materials, but will also arrange for removal of rubbish, scaffolding, as well as labour. Our intent is to see the job through and so we’ll be with you from start to finish. As a result of our extensive experience, we’ll be able to advice you on what material is best for your roof so that you are protected from the weather elements while inside or are able to enjoy safe hosting of parties wile outside and on the roof. The scaffolding contractors that we source are vetted well beforehand for your safety and with rubbish removal; we have a waste carrier license from the Environmental Agency for approval of handling it. If you wish to have any maintenance or repair job completed within a stipulated timeframe, our team will ensure to do just that, keeping you updated throughout the process.

An expert flat roofer in Pleasington will ensure a job well done.  Contact JW Construction today if you are looking for an experienced flat roofer. We will give a quote upon request and any advice that is needed. All our products and work rendered come fully guaranteed and we have full Public Liability Insurance. We always keep our building standards in accordance with current building regulations in England and Wales.