Loft Conversion in Garstang For some of the most innovative designs of loft conversion in Garstang, speak to JW Construction.  This is one of the most popular forms of home improvement in the UK. The empty attic space is often quite large and can be used for many purposes. Quite often it is turned into a bedroom or office and some people even fit a gym in the attic space. It is not recommended to try and do the conversion unless you are a qualified building company as it is quite a complicated process. There is a large amount of work involved which needs professional workmanship and design. One of the first steps is to measure the space available before deciding on the use.

Having another room in your home can allow you extra storage area or another bedroom. In Garstang, loft conversion, when professionally done, can increase the value of your home. Roof windows are often an attractive option for the homeowner due to their ability to fit into the line of the roof. The installation of such windows will provide the loft space with substantial natural light. A dormer is usually installed to provide more space and headroom in the loft and often enhance the aesthetics of the property.  There is often up to 30% of a properties potential space in the loft area

We offer professional loft conversion in Garstang. Contact JW Construction today and we will visit your home and assess your attic space to see if it is suitable for conversion to a functional room. We have a reputation for not only delivering what you need but also providing an unrivalled standard of professionalism, workmanship and service. Speak to us about a detailed free no obligation quotations for your loft conversion. We are extremely reliable and will act quickly in an emergency repair process.  You can count on our worry free and professional service.  We are specialist roofers and do flat roof repairs as well as chimney repairs and guttering. We offer 10 year guarantees as well as insurance backed guarantees.