Loft Conversion in BlackburnIs a loft conversion in Blackburn your next home improvement project? Loft conversions can add space and appeal to a property. An attic just gathers dust and spare furniture, whereas a loft can serve as an extra bedroom, an office, playroom, art studio or any kind of space that you like. There are several aspects to consider before planning a loft conversion. Firstly, your existing roof structure will prescribe the shape and size of your loft. High, spacious roofs are ideal, but even a flat roof can become a loft with extensive building additions. If your roof is sharply slanted, dormer windows may be necessary. These are vertical windows that jut out from the roof, which can be visually attractive and make for great window reading nooks. Stairs are also an important consideration for a loft conversion; the shape and placement of a staircase can take away space from both the loft and the floor below, so careful planning is needed.

A loft conversion is a large undertaking, and not recommended for DIY projects. In Blackburn, loft conversion specialists can provide professional advice, building plans and workmanship. JW Construction is one such company. We have many years of experience in the roofing and construction trade, and service the general Lancashire area. As members of CompetentRoofer, we are able to self-certify our work and provide full guarantees. When you use JW Construction for your loft conversion, you can rest assured that your home will still comply with all building and civil regulations and standards.

We can assist with a loft conversion in Blackburn for single or double storey buildings in the domestic or commercial sector. Loft conversions are the most cost-effective way to add space to your property, as you are simply extending your building instead of relocating to or building an entirely new structure. Contact JW Construction to discuss your loft conversion plans. We can advise on the best possible designs and materials, and our experienced and time-served tradesmen will ensure that it is a quality build. We will also be available for regular maintenance and aftercare.